The Secret To My Great Hair – My Mane Event with Pantene Recap & Giveaway


I’ve got great hair! I used to say that it’s because I’m a Leo and Leo’s are known for their manes. But the truth of the matter is I’ve been using Pantene FOREVER. I mean for as long as I can remember I’ve been using Pantene products. So clearly I owe my amazing, shiny, healthy, luscious locks to them.


So when I was invited by MomTrends to attend a Pantene party I jumped at the chance. One because MomTrends throws the BEST parties and two because I am a walking talking Pantene girl.


The party started off in style as it always does with MomTrends and Pantene is all about style. I was picked up at my Jersey home by a car service and brought into the city to MPE Penthouse (they had the most amazing view of the city).


The night started off with cocktails, appetizers and catching up with blogger friends.


The “mane” event however, was the doctor behind the new AgeDefy and Advanced+ Keratin Repair  line for Pantene. Dr. Jeni Thomas, Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and P&G’s Beauty and Grooming Principal Scientist, who works on researching the areas of the scalp and hair.


Prior to the event, Pantene had sent all attendees products from their new Age Devy line. Which of course I loved. I’ve been using the Keratin shampoo and conditioner they sent as my hair is fairly straight (sometimes I get a little wave in it). Everyone loves Pantene for the smell but Pantene makes my hair super shiny and healthy. It really is for hair so healthy it shines.


I learned a ton from Dr. Jeni that night including that she works alongside the Olay folks (after all they are both P&G brands) in regards to aging hair and skin. She talked breakage, greys, frizz and more. I even had some one-on-one time with Dr. Jeni and I told her how I noticed my scalp has changed once I hit 30. That I don’t know if it’s truly dandruff I occasionally get versus dry scalp. She said often times when it comes and goes it can be stress related. Interesting! She suggested that I continue to switch between a dandruff shampoo and a regular shampoo.


This of course made me bring up the Pantene Anti-Dandruff shampoo that was discontinued. I had been using that for a while, and then it was discontinued. Last summer I was thrilled when on the Pantene Facebook page we got to vote for what retired item we wanted back and then learned that they all came back. Unfortunately I couldn’t locate the anti-dandruff shampoo anywhere. I mentioned it to Dr. Jeni who introduced me to the nice PR folks and wouldn’t you know…. A week after the event I got a package in the mail. A years’ worth of Pantene Anti-Dandruff shampoo!!!!!! You have no idea how excited I was. Now I can switch between that and the Keratin I love so much also.

IMG_7276 (1)


There were stylists on hand to create some fun looks with the new line. I opted for beachy waves.


The Echo Design group was there also teaching bloggers how to tie scarves in a multitude of ways. Plus we got one in our swag bag. Yippee!


As you can tell I had a blast that night! And now I’m giving you the opportunity to win some fab Pantene swag for yourself so that you can also have super luscious locks.

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*Disclosure – I was not required to write this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.




  1. A bevy of hair products...
  3. my favorite pantene product is aqua light shampoo
  4. Marti Parks says:
    I keep it clean and always try to keep the split ends trimmed.
  5. Marti Parks says:
    My favorite Pantene product is the Naturefusion shampoo and conditioner.
  6. Teresa M. says:
    I have been brushing my hair out before bedtime. I used to wear it in a ponytail but this create tanlges when I brush it in the morning...and split ends!
  7. Teresa M. says:
    I need lots of conditioner for my hair. It is really thick and it tends to get dry on the ends from salon highlights...hey, it covers the grey :) I actually am using Pantene Age Defying at the moment so that would have to be my favourite. I was using a salon brand but I found that didn't help with the dry ends. It was on sale a few weeks ago at Wal-Mart and I decided to give it a try. Thank you for this contest :)
  8. Sunshine G says:
    I only shampoo twice a week.
  9. I only wash my hair every two days
  10. How do you keep your locks looking fab? I wash my hair infrequently and never use heat to style What is your fave Pantene product? I love their conditioners
  11. Dayna Wilson says:
    I only wash my hair every 2 or 3 days, and I use tons of conditioner. Every once in a while I'll put some Moroccan oil in it.
  12. Dayna Wilson says:
    My favourite Pantene product is the styling milk.
  13. Marti Parks says:
    I have to use a lot of conditioner because my hair is really long.
  14. Lately I have been using the Pantene Naturefusion products!
  15. I shampoo once a week and I love the Naturefusion products!
  16. Betsy Barnes says:
    I only shampoo twice a week and brush my hair every night to keep looking FAB! :)
  17. I keep it clean by washing it less! It takes a few weeks to adjust, but once it does, you can go a week without washing and it doesn't get as greasy as it used to after just one day.
  18. Betsy Barnes says:
    I also keep my hair conditioned a lot. My favorite Pantene product is the DAILY MOISTURE RENEWAL :)
  19. Marti Parks says:
    Lots and lots of conditioner.
  20. nichol tone says:
    I try and keep it trimmed
  21. Marti Parks says:
    I brush it really well at night before bed.
  22. I usually wash every other day, and I condition.
  23. I haven't used Pantene in a while, but I'd love to try one of their spray heat protection products.
  24. Marti Parks says:
    I sometimes use a hair mask.
  25. Marti Parks says:
    I try to let my hair dry naturally.
  26. Marti Parks says:
    I try not to over wash my hair and do it every other day, instead of every day.
  27. Marti Parks says:
    A lot of hard work and maintenance.
  28. Marti Parks says:
    Sometimes I use a curling iron and give myself some curls.
  29. I use a lot of conditioner, and little processing.
  30. My favorite product is the volumizing shampoo
  31. Marti Parks says:
    Sometimes I use a leave in conditioner.
  32. Marti Parks says:
    Every now and then I will give myself a hot oil treatment.
  33. I use leave in conditioner and heat protect spray when I blow dry or hot iron
  34. split ends treatment
  35. Marti Parks says:
    I try to always keep the split ends trimmed so that it looks a lot healthier.
  36. Marti Parks says:
    Scalp massage is good for keeping your hair healthy and looking fab too.
  37. jessica todd says:
    i try to get my hair trimmed regularly..looks far better that way
  38. I try to use leave in conditioner to keep my locks moisturized
  39. Marti Parks says:
    Sometimes i just put it in a ponytail and call it fab.
  40. My favorite pantene product is the Nature fusion product line
  41. I try to keep fab locks by not over processing my hair
  42. I use leave-in conditioner

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