The BlackBerry is Back!



As you all know the BlackBerry is back and better before.

I recently wrote a post about the Z10 which I loved. Check out my post HERE

As for the Q10, it has similar characteristics to that of the Z10. Here are some of my favorite features.


  • The keys are tighter and closer than before with Q10.
  •  You can post a tweet or Facebook status directly from your Hub. Type “tw” or “fb” and your message from the Hub and it will connect.
  • When you search for Tim your friend it gives you their contact info and you can click updates and it will search for info regarding that person.
  • How about the incredible battery life! The Q10 has a removable very large battery very large battery. The larger battery makes for a longer lasting experience.
  • I found this incredibly interesting…. instead of a white background they made it a black background this actually helps the battery life! Who knew?
  • You can video chat with the BBM!
  • You can share what’s on your phone/desktop.

Blackberry combines personal and work. You no longer need to carry multiple devices, plus you are able to still separate them both with one simple device. Amazing!

To learn more about the BlackBerry Q10 visit



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*Disclaimer – I received the BlackBerry Q10 from the BlackBerry folks because I’m a Verizon Brand Ambassador. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.






  1. This sounds awesome, I was never a Blackberry person but I always dreamed of being one ;) Maybe now is the time? Thanks for the info! #VZWBuzz
    • Hi Sarah, It really is amazing. It's the perfect device for a business owner since you only need one device for both personal & business. Are you a business owner?

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