Love Giving with Land’s End

I’ve been a Lands End shopper for years. My mom introduced them to me years ago. My mom is originally from Minnesota but is a New Jersey transplant. She knows cold! And so do the folks over at Lands End. Need a waterproof warm winter coat? Call Lands End! Or tweet them for that matter @LandsEnd @LandsEndPR and follow the #LandsEnd conversation.

Which is exactly how I was able to score the amazing chenille throw, candle holder and $50 gift card as pictured above. I’m completely obsessed with this throw. It is soooo comfy I can’t even tell ya. The candle holder is super cute and I cannot wait to spend my gift card. I’ve been eyeing up the LBD’s (Little Black Dress) on their site for a few weeks now.


On Cyber Monday they held the Land’s End 12 Hours of Twitter Event aka #12hrsTwitter. For 12 hours they gave away prizes upon prizes ranging from their adorable holiday collection, to warm coats and more. Say what you didn’t know they carried home goods? Um they totally do. They also carry some treats that sound insanely delectable like their Sea Salt Caramels.


Visit throughout December to view their St. Nick’s Picks. They offer daily deals on great products with exceptional values.


What’s that? You want to win a Land’s End Twitter contest too? Well ’tis the season! On Friday, December 16th Land’s End will be holding another Twitter party. Follow @LandsEndPR, @LandsEnd, @LEprMolly, @LEprMichele, @LEprMariella and @LandsEndPRAdam at #LandsEnd for all the deets!


*Disclaimer – I was not required to write this blog post. Opinions expressed here are my own.

I Love Softlips & MasterCard

I’m a lip balm junkie, but for some reason had never tested out Softlips.  Which is why I was so excited to win the Thrifty Chic Mom contest on Twitter.  Since I follow Softlips on Twitter and “Like” them on Facebook I know that they are loved and adored by many. I also know they have some pretty amazing flavors to choose from. Plus they have SPF 20. Woo Hoo!

Not only did I score a variety of Softlips products (Vanilla, Cherry, Strawberry, Wildberry, Raspberry and Mint) and a tee-shirt, but I also
received a MasterCard gift card for $50. Thank you MasterCard for my adorable new Boucle Yoke Dress from the Gap. It’s perfect for Fall.


Softlips comes in an abundance of yummy flavors and with SPF 20. They are super moisturizing and they are not bulky like many lip balms. They are nice and sleek and fit in just about anything. Softlips also carries tinted lip balms, glosses and organic products. Get yours today by visiting


Disclaimer *I received these products as part of a Twitter contest. I was not required to write a blog post. My thoughts are my own.

I’m obsessed!

Ok, I’m completely obsessed over the new Tassimo Brewbot! I was lucky and won it during a Twitter party. As soon as I won, my entire family anxiously awaited its arrival.

It arrived beautifully along with Starbucks cappuccino and Gevalia coffee. Score! We tested them out immediately and both were superb.

Next stop… Bed Bath & Beyond so I could scope out other great pods for my new found obsession. (Note: You can purchase the pods online through the Tassimo website.) My faves are the Starbucks Cappuccino and the Gevalia Caramel Latte Macchiato. Am crossing my fingers someone comes out with a cinnamon beverage. I love my Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte’s. A replica would be AWESOME!

Everyone needs a Tassimo Brewbot! Why? Everyone in your family can have whatever type of beverage they would like. Having a party? Great! There’s Twinings Chai Tea Latte, Suchard Hot Chocolate, Regular & Decaf coffees, Latte’s the list goes on. There really is something for everyone. Plus, it’s super easy to use and takes up very little counter space.

So why are you still reading this? Check out Tassimo and get your Brewbot today. You won’t be disappointed.

Don’t Eat The Body Scrub!

Touch’d offers the most amazing bath and body products. I recently received the Organic Body Scrub in Almond Puff. I almost ate the jar of it when I opened it. It smelled divine! Like my Italian mother-in-law’s kitchen when she’s baking homemade biscotti.  I couldn’t wait to try it out!


I’ve tried other body scrubs before, but this one had just the right amount of sugar that I felt totally exfoliated. Not to mention all the great healthy oils that are in it, my skin was so smooth I didn’t even need to use lotion afterwards.

Touch’d products are all natural and organic, so I suppose you could eat them if you wanted to. I wouldn’t recommend it though. Why waste it by eating it when you could indulge your skin every day with it. It’s like going to the spa in your own shower.

For more info on Touch’d products visit

Feel sexy, Feel beautiful, get Touch’d!

*I won the Touch’d Organic Body Scrub during the @Socialrati @touchd Twitter party. Follow them on Twitter for your chance to win too.

Interview with Tracy DiMarco – Jerseylicious Season 2 Red Carpet Premiere

Katie – @KateFoxx wrote me and wanted to know is there an end to the feuding in sight between you and Olivia? I’m thinking no.

Tracy – There will never be an end, you know why? Because everyone thinks I’m the bitch but she is the vindictive, spiteful, revengeful person. She is dating my ex-boyfriend now and you guys will see that this season.

Katie – Get out!

Tracy – And she was all about sloppy seconds, but look who’s doing it now.

Katie –   @KateFoxx also wants to know if you could transform any celebrity into a true Jersey girl, who would it be and why?

Tracy – I would transform Katy Perry. She is way too California girl. She needs some teasing, smoky eye. She’s halfway there, but she needs to get on the east coast. Jerseylicious girl not California girl. She’s fun. She would be able to hang with us.

Katie – What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned since your new found fame on “Jerseylicious”?

Tracy – To stay really, really humble because people don’t like when things go to your head. I can’t stand that. There are a couple of people on this show that they can’t fit through the door anymore, ya know what I mean? You really need to thank your fans. You should always respond to their Facebook, Twitter, email anything.

Katie – You are great at that!

Tracy – I am! That’s my biggest thing. I do it every day. I take an hour out of my day every single day and I respond to as many people as I can. Because they are the people that make us anything. We are nobody. We’re not celebrities we’re just people and people follow us. For some reason people think we’re cool enough. I don’t think we are. Maybe we are. You just need to stay really grounded  because otherwise, fans will go away if they see the true celebrity in you.

Katie – Best advice you’ve gotten since being on the show?

Tracy – Respect the fans. They are so excited to meet you. What most people don’t understand is that I’m so excited to meet them. When they come up to me I get nervous. I’m like oh my god, you wanna talk to me? It’s so much fun. I get really excited that they even care. That’s why I like to stay in contact with them because they are the best people in the world.

Katie – You are so super sweet, but there are the Tracy haters. Anytime anyone ever says anything, I’m like seriously she’s like the sweetest girl.

Tracy – I am! I really am!

Katie – What is something your fans would be surprised to know about you?

Tracy – I refuse to speak in the morning until I brush my teeth. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night  and if I wake up and open my eyes, I have to brush my teeth. It’s a really OCD thing.

Katie – Who of all the celebs that you’ve met, would you say is your favorite and who has the best style?

Tracy – The same person for both. Jeannie Mai from the Style Network’s “How Do I Look” its right before our show. She was the nicest person and has the most insane style. Also Simon from Kim Kardashian’s “The Spin Crowd”, he is a doll and Jonathan. I met Kendra, the Kardashian’s, Meryl Streep, a whole bunch of people, but those two are my favorite. They were the most down to earth.

Katie – What changes are we going to see at the Gatsby this season?

Tracy – Well Gayle and Alexa get a little crazy. They fight about everything.

Katie – But she’s here tonight so it must not be too bad.

Tracy – No they are professional. They’re not like me and Olivia. When they want to fight about something, they go hard. I think the staff changes a little bit. Filippo’s more involved now. We have a new girl named Veronica, who’s very sweet. We have a lot more people working on the floor. We have Sammy the receptionist. So we have a lot of brand new people.

Katie – So now Briella… wasn’t Briella friend’s with Olivia last season?

Tracy – Yes.

Katie – But she’s here today without Olivia and the two of you guys seem to be getting along. I’ve been noticing that.

Tracy – Yes.

Katie – Just something I noticed.

Tracy – All I’m gonna say is Briella woke up and realized who her so called friend really was.

Katie – Interesting.

Tracy – You try to be Olivia’s friend for more than six months, it won’t work out. She’s a sociopath.