Forget Getting Burned & Start Getting Bronzed – Hawaiian Tropic Product Review

An ongoing joke I have is that I no longer sunburn because I’m Italian now. You see I’m Irish and I’ve always burned, until I married an Italian and now I actually tan.

Ok truth is, I did marry an Italian. I also started my love fest with Hawaiian Tropic at the same time. I say I tan now because I’m Italian but the truth of the matter is, I owe it all to Hawaiian Tropic. My go-to product of choice is the Hawaiian
Tropic Lightweight Sheer Touch SPF 30
. If you’re Irish or any other fair skin friend, there is nothing on earth I recommend more than this product. Since using it, I have not gotten single sunburn, haven’t peeled and have been a beautiful bronze.

Not only do their products work but they smell incredible and don’t leave you with that sticky feeling. I’ve tried oodles of sun care products and they smell like alcohol and either dry out your skin or make you feel all sticky. When I use Hawaiian Tropic products my skin feels moisturized and protected.

In addition to being completely obsessed with the Sheer Touch SPF 30, I’m also a huge advocate of their Lime Coolada
After Sun Moisturizer
. Not only does it protect your skin and moisturize wonderfully, but I personally feel that it extends the length of your tan.

Once my tan is under way after using the SPF 30 I often switch over to theHawaiian Tropic Crème 10. It is also super moisturizing and smells delish.

So there was no doubt that I was super excited to win the Hawaiian Tropic giveaway from Style and Error! Not only was I going to receive awesome Hawaiian Tropic swag (which as you can see I adore) but I also received a super cute beach tote, sunglasses and flower hair pin to boot.

I also have a new found love for the Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer SPF 15 and  Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer After Sun. Both products leave your skin with a beachy sheen. Not in an oily way though. It gives your skin a little shimmer. Makes sunbathing a little more festive.

Here’s a pic of my awesome prize pack.

Items included are: Beach tote, hat and sunglasses Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer SPF 15 Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer After Sun Hawaiian Tropic Lightweight Sheer Touch SPF 30 Hawaiian Tropic Lightweight Sheer Touch SPF 60 Hawaiian Tropic Crème 10

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Disclaimer *I received these products gratis in exchange for a blog review. My thoughts are my own.