Beauty, Brains, Babies and More – My Interview with Dr. Bonnie Blossman Star of “Big Rich Texas”


Recently I had a chance to talk with the super cool and down to earth Dr. Bonnie Blossman from the Style Network’s “Big Rich Texas”. Here’s what she had to say about weddings, babies, beauty and more.


Me: Are you still teaching? What do you love most about it?

Bonnie: I’m still faculty at University of North Texas but I’m not teaching this semester, basically because I have too many projects going on right now. But I plan to be back in the summer. The thing I like the most is that I feel the students are like my kids and I’m just proud of them.


Me: How do your students feel about you being on a hit TV show?

Bonnie: Ya know they got slightly weird after it got more weird. I try to get them not to ask. Especially when I was teaching during a season airing and my students would start watching the show and would want to talk about it and I had a rule. The first day people would want to come up and talk to me about it and I was like look I’ll talk about it when the semester is over. You can come ask me whatever you want when the semester is over but right now I want you thinking about biochemistry.


Me: You are a busy lady between teaching, running a household, doing Big Rich Texas and writing “Fiona Frost”. How do you manage it all?

Bonnie: I can’t manage everything so some things have to go by the wayside and come back later. I’m actually thinking about going back to the lab and doing a project/collaboration with my old lab mates. I haven’t researched in 3 or 4 years and I miss it. I miss spending time in the lab.


Me: What’s going on with “Fiona Frost” now?

Bonnie: I’m working on Volume 3 it’s called “Fiona Frost Fatal Souvenirs” and it is a serial killer this time. So this one should come out probably by May. We are also working on a television series which is very exciting for me. This summer we are gonna be casting for the pilot and then probably in the fall or early winter of this year we will start filming the pilot.

Me: That’s exciting!

Bonnie: Yea that’s my dream. To build “Fiona Frost” into a franchise.



Me: I also hear that Whitney is pregnant.
Bonnie: Yes!
Me: Congratulations!
Bonnie: Thank you!
Me: Do we know if it’s a boy or girl?
Bonnie: We actually find out Feb. 4th.
Me: That’s exciting!
Bonnie: I will be there!
Me: Now when is she due?
Bonnie: July 24th I think it will be August 1st though.
Me: Has she postponed the wedding now due to the pregnancy?
Bonnie: No. The wedding is still on the same date. Ok this is really cool. She got engaged in early September she got pregnant on Halloween. Her wedding date from the start was Halloween 2013. So it’s kinda cool. The baby will be incorporated into the wedding. Of course I already have plans. And it’s gonna be gothic. We are having her wedding dress made. It’s going to be black and short with an enormously ridiculous train, 13 bridesmaids, and 13 groomsmen. It’s going to be epic.


Me: Which brings me to Jason… During the season recap he still didn’t seem on board and you were still visibly really upset by everything. How is that going?

Bonnie: I can proudly say he has given his blessing.

Me: Yay!
Bonnie: He is totally on board, he knows we are planning this epic wedding and he and Brandon get along fantastic. It’s all good. Part of that was just doing those things on camera he was not a fan of. Brandon had mentioned to him that Whitney’s my dream girl. And Jason told him don’t do anything on camera.
Me: Well Jason seems like he is more of a private person.
Bonnie: He is.
Me: That makes sense.
Bonnie: And that’s like when Leslie said he went off on Tyler for TV time. That’s why we all cracked up cause we’re like no Jason doesn’t want to be on TV. He didn’t want this.
Me: I can see that. We see him but we don’t know much about him.
Bonnie: Right. That’s by his design. I mean cause he’s my husband he’s gotta be around. If I was going to continue on the show obviously you would have to start seeing him or I would never know my husband. Now he goes in public and people recognize him and he’s like Bonnie I did not want this.
Me: I didn’t sign up for this.
Bonnie: That’s what he says.


Me: What is your beauty routine? What are your favorite products?
Bonnie: Ok wait. I have the perfect product. I’m going right to my drawer because everyone asks me this and I always forget. I get it from my plastic surgeon’s office, but you can get it anywhere. It’s called SkinMedica and it’s an AHA/BHA Cream. It’s an alpha-hydroxy. Then if I don’t use this I get breakouts. I use it every day and I know when I don’t. When I don’t use it my pores get larger and I break out. I use it every day and it keeps my skin clear and my pores small. I used to use Retin-A but I found that it was the alpha-hydroxy that was doing it. I completely live by that.


Me: Favorite store/brand?
Bonnie: Oh my God! 100% BCBG. 70% of the time you see me I’m wearing BCBG.


Me: Favorite Band or Musician?
Bonnie: Oh that was is so hard for me because I have musical ADD. I would say right now… well I’m just gonna tell you the last song that played on my computer. It was actually The Jackson’s. I’m all over the place from Frank Sinatra to Metallic to The Jacksons. I like everything but country.


Me: Now I know you play bass. Who is your all-time favorite bass player? I’m a Flea fan.
Bonnie: Oh my God there is no way I could ever compare to him. Flea is I can’t even though him. But yeah he is one of my favorites, but I could never even compare.
Me: You know what song has such a great bass line? “Pain Lies On The Riverside” by Live. It’s killer. (*I included the YouTube video below.)
Bonnie: Ok I’m gonna write that down what’s it called.
Me: The song is “Pain Lies on the Riverside” and it’s by Live.
Bonnie: Is it hard?
Me: It might be.
Bonnie: You might not hear me playing it then.


Me: Who is your Big Rich Texas BFF? Besides Whitney of course.
Bonnie: Oh Melissa! Close second is basically everybody else but Leslie. I mean we hang out like constantly. I talk to Melissa probably 5 times a day and the others at least once a day. We’ve gotten so close I can’t imagine what the next season will be like.


Me: Have you been watching Big Rich Atlanta?
Bonnie: You know I missed it but I do have it on my DVR cause I’m going to watch it so I can talk to people about it.  I need to have my favorites! Especially before the big fight. So I know who to root for.


Me:Do you do your own social media?
Bonnie: Yes.
Me: What is your favorite social media site?
Bonnie: Whosay! I got inducted into the Who Say world and it is the easiest thing. I can post/broadcast something and goes everywhere.
(We then got into an in depth conversation about the social media world.)


Me: I have a few questions from my followers on Twitter for you:


 ‏@LoadedLandShark asks: @kdevito Ask @bonblossman if she’ll hang out w/us here at Stable Tipsy Beach of NC this summer! Perfect balance of smart feminine, she is!

Bonnie:  I can try. I will try I have no idea what I’m doing this summer. North Carolina sounds fun. Well that’s why I’m thinking about it. We’ve actually been talking about going to NC. Jason and I will be doing a nationwide book tour but it won’t be until after football season. Let’s make that a possible. Maybe next winter.


 ‏@Soncie22 asks: @kdevito @bonblossman @BigRichTexas My ??for Bon: Why did you decide 2 do a reality show? Has this changed ur family in any way? if so, how?

 Bonnie: I did a reality show because it basically fell in my lap. I wanted to be on Big Brother. I had just graduated with my doctorate and my friend and I wanted to do something crazy. It was the competition that drew me to it not necessarily TV. The same casting agent new me and she contacted me for this. Whitney was pretty adamant. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. You only live once. Why not? It made our family get closer because we spend more time together.


Make sure you check out Bonnie on “Big Rich Texas” on the Style Network and check out her website to see what she’s up to.


So just for fun I wanted to include a YouTube video of Live’s “Pain Lies on the Riverside”. The bass line rocks. Check it out!

Cruisin with Olivia


Olivia Blois Sharpe

Olivia Blois Sharpe from the Style Network’s hit show Jerseylicious will be celebrating her birthday aboard the Norwegian Jewel for the Gatsby Girls Getaway. I had a chance to sit down and chat about the big day with Olivia at the Gatsby recently. Here’s what she had to say.

Katie – So we are celebrating your birthday on the cruise!

Olivia – They are going to make it one of the themes for the night and have a big party. Everybody on the cruise is invited to come. There are so many lounges and clubs on the ship. There are things open 24 hours so you can get drinks food whatever time of night or day. And I’m gonna make sure my birthday’s gonna be kicka**.

Katie – What are you looking forward to the most? Celebrating your birthday on the cruise?

Olivia – Honestly, I’ve never been on a cruise before.

Katie – Me neither!

Olivia – Really? Yeah I’ve never been on a cruise before so I’m just really excited to go. I’m excited to celebrate my birthday. I feel like every year I try to come up with something to do for my birthday and it just ends up downhill. Never ends up good.

Katie – That happens to me just about every year.

Olivia – Last year I think we were filming when it was my birthday.

Katie – So no Tracy on this trip?

Olivia – No. I’m going to bring my boyfriend though.

For more information on the Gatsby Girls Getaway and how you can celebrate Olivia’s birthday with her read my previous blog here.

Interview with Anthony Lombardi – Jerseylicious Season 2 Red Carpet Premiere


Anthony Lombardi and his wife Patty

Katie – How’s the Anthony Robert Salon going?

Anthony – Everything’s great! Busy! Thank God!

Katie – What changes are we going to see at the Gatsby this season?

Anthony – You’re pretty much going to see what you saw last season, only a little amped up a bit. You’re going to see some different alliances form. You may see a little clashing of the Titans maybe so to speak. You might see the teacher become the student in one of the episodes.

Katie – I heard that.

Anthony – You’re going to see a couple of different things. I’m the teacher but I might become the student for something. I can’t tell you what though.

Katie – Maybe you’re going to learn how to make pizza.

Anthony – Ya never know .

Katie – I think I just figured that one out.

Anthony – You’re off on that. You’re off but you’re close.

Anthony Lombardi & Filippo Giove

Katie – What is the biggest thing you’ve learned since your new found fame on “Jerseylicious”?

Anthony – I never realized that so many people watch TV. I’m glad for it. I’m loving the fact that we go out and get recognized. So far it’s all been fun.

Katie – Best advice you’ve gotten since being on the show?

Anthony – Keep it real. Remember who you are, remember who your friends are. The guy who taught me how to cut hair is here tonight. He’s fantastic.

Katie – What’s something that your fans would be surprised to know about you? Any weird tricks? Maybe you don’t know how to dance?

Anthony -  I don’t know how to dance! I’m not a good dancer. I would be the first one voted off of “Dancing with the Stars”.

Katie – I’d call in. I’d vote for you Anthony.

Katie – What’s it like to have your life on television? Do you regret putting anything out there?

Anthony – Absolutely not! It’s been a wonderful experience, the crew and the producers have been absolutely 100% perfect. They didn’t portray me in any different way. I couldn’t be happier with the way I come across on the television.

Katie – I agree. You are absolutely the same on TV as you are in person.

Interview with Gayle Giacomo– Jerseylicious Season 2 Red Carpet Premiere

Katie – A few people wrote me and wanted to ask a few questions.

@MrsMoNJ wants to know what are some safe products that pregnant women can use on their hair and face?

Gayle – I recommend Skinceuticals for their face. It’s a fabulous product and it would be the safest product. I also recommend Gatsby. We have all sulfate free shampoos and everything we have is great products, great hairspray and being pregnant you can use them.

Katie – What’s one of the biggest things you’ve learned since being on this show?

Gayle – It’s really been a very interesting thing to go through and I never thought I would ever have this opportunity. So I think everything I’ve been through is a learning experience.

Katie – I’m sure you’ve met a lot of celebrities since Jerseylicious aired. Who are your faves?

Gayle – Actually I really haven’t. I would love to meet Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex & the City. I love her style , to me that would be the ultimate.

Katie – We need to get her into the salon.

Gayle – Yes!

Katie – What changes are we going to see at the Gatsby?

Gayle – There’s a lot of changes. There are some things going on with me and Alexa. The salon looks a little different, we added a few more things to the salon to make it look better. There’s so much going on in Season 2.

Owner Gayle Giacomo and daughter Christy Periera

Interview with Christy Periera – Jerseylicious Season 2 Red Carpet Premiere

Christy Periera

Katie – A couple of my readers wrote to me with some specific questions for you.

@MrsMoNJ asked – Is your pregnancy and new baby going to be part of the new season and what tips do you have for pregnant women to stay fab?

Christy – My pregnancy is a big part of the first ten episodes and my daughter is going to be a big part of the second half of the season. Just try and be really confident and secure because being pregnant, although it’s really wonderful, it’s hard. You know your body really, really changes.

Katie – I have to tell you your daughter has a great birthday.

Christy – Is it your birthday?

Katie – It is.

Christy – Wow that’s great! She came 11 days early.

Katie –   @MrsMoNJ also asked – What are some safe products that pregnant women can use on their hair and face?

Christy – When I was pregnant I used this semi permanent color and I really tried to stay away from all the chemicals. I did just use good conditioning treatments. Honestly, my hair was in the best condition it ever was from being pregnant, all the vitamins and stuff like that. As far as face products go as long as you don’t use anything that has acids or anything like that, same thing, I really didn’t need to use much . My skin and hair were really at its best while I was pregnant.

Katie – What is something that your fans would be surprised to know about you?

Christy – I can touch my tongue to my nose.

Katie – What’s the best advice you’ve gotten since being on the show?

Christy – it’s not the advice that I’ve gotten, but it’s the advice I’ve given myself and that’s to be true to who I really am. I really am myself and I tried not to change and I hope that shows and hope that everyone liked me for me.

Katie – What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned since you’re new found fame on “Jerseylicious”?

Christy – I guess the same thing. It’s been an amazing surreal experience and I hope it keeps going but like I said, I try not to let it get to my head and be true to myself and put my family and the salon first before the show. I cross my fingers and hope for the best for everything.

Owner, Gayle Giacomo & daughter Christy Periera