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Talk about taking the spa into your own shower!  The line of  Whish products really transformed my mundane shower into a special experience.  The products are amazing and I totally love them!

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The set I have are the vanilla spice body wash, sugar scrub, and body butter.  Using the three of these together left me with the smoothest skin I’ve ever had!


As if moisturizing in the shower with the body wash and sugar scrub wasn’t enough to make my skin velvety, the body butter after the shower was the icing on the cake.  I felt a touchably smooth difference from my normal routine of body wash and Vaseline lotion after the shower.  No one should miss out on this line!


Whish combines organic and natural ingredients to leave users with the softest skin.  The company has a whole line of products for protecting and enhancing your precious skin including the shave crave, body butter, self tanner, ingrown hair serum, and pre-shave serum.


image (4)The Whish products came into existence when Jesse Werner borrowed her husband’s shaving cream and felt it was the best shave of her life.  The only “whish” she had was that she didn’t smell like a man after the shower.  After much testing and trials, BOOM! Whish was born.


For more information  on Whish visit http://www.whishbody.com/.







Celebrate National Skin Care Month with Quince Body Butter

Its national skin care awareness month, so treat your skin to something special and give Quince Body Butters a try for yourself!


I recently tried three of the seven Quince Body Butter products, and I was more than impressed with how soft and supple my skin was feeling after only a few days of applying the butters to my hands and feet.

The first two butters I used were the Soothing Body Butter and the Replenishing Body Butter.  The Soothing Butter is scented with Aloe and Brazil nut and was probably my favorite scent of the butters I used.  The scent for the Replenishing Butter was Macadamia Lemongrass, which was very mellow compared to the other scents.

They both had an interesting, almost waxy texture that was excellent at penetrating the dry skin on my feet.  As a college student, I spend much of my time walking and I also exercise often, so my feet can really take a beating.  It was a special treat to come back to my room after a long day of movement and follow up my shower with a foot massage using these deliciously scented butters.

The third butter was the energizing butter and I used almost exclusively on my hands.  It had a wonderful, butter cream frosting texture, which my friend Megan (who also tried the butters) described to me as something she would “eat off a cupcake!”  It was scented like Pistachios and Green Tea, which made me want to smell my hands all day long.  This last lotion was my favorite out of the three, and my hands were super soft after only a few days use.

Also, you can feel good about buying Quince Body Butters because they do not test their products on animals and they do not use ureas or parabens as preservatives.  You can go to http://www.quincebutters.com to learn more about Quince and their line of skincare products.


* Guest post by Kirsti Rainville, a Public Relations major at Rider University.

*Disclaimer – I was not required to write this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

Everyone’s Skin Deserves To Be Babied – Nourish Organics

Ok you all know I’m obsessed with bath & beauty products.


Recently I had the opportunity to try out Nourish Organics.



They are an organic skin care line that is run right from the heart of the south, Franklin, Tennessee. Their ingredient list is not long or confusing. What they put in their products is simple but effective. The entire line contains 99% or higher certified organic ingredients that are 100% natural.


Organic Lavender Wash

Cleanse, soothe and hydrate your baby’s delicate skin with this Organic Lavender Wash. Great to use right before bedtime to quiet and calm little minds. Use all over even as a shampoo.

Ingredients: saponified organic oils of coconut, olive & jojoba, organic glycerin/vegetable gum extract, organic aloe vera, lavender essential oils, rosemary extract


I completely loved this body wash. I personally love lavender. Especially right before I go to bed. This body wash lathers great and it’s minus any harsh ingredients. Bonus! The scent is truly amazing and perfect to help you wind down after a long day.


Organic Sweet Orange Lip Balm

Nourish your lips with the crisp taste, smell and feel of sweet orange! Nourish Organics lip balm is made with pure, organic shea butter and organic beeswax and is formulated to leave your lips feeling glad and moist, without that dreaded needy feeling thirty minutes later. The moisture is real and the flavor is fantastic!


Can you say creamsicle? This seriously smells and tastes like a creamsicle. If the lip balm is this amazing I’m going to have to order the Sweet Orange skin care ASAP.


Save 20% off your order! Use the code “katied20” at checkout (good through Friday, May 25th). Visit http://www.nourish-organics.com/



How I Love Clean & Clear Products!


I’ve been using the Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub for years.


But recently I had the opportunity to try their body wash BOOST w/ Mango & Papaya. Clean & Clear never ceases to amaze me. Every product I try is simply better than the next. This body wash was super moisturizing and is the perfect scent for summer. I always go to mango or orange in the summer. Plus it’s always nice and invigorating for a morning shower. Gets your senses going and wakes you up. I only had to use a drop of the body wash on my loofah to get the most amazing lather ever. Seriously… best lather EVER! I don’t know why I’m surprised; I’ve been using the face scrub since forever and love it.



If you haven’t tried Clean & Clear…. You are seriously missing out. They truly have the best products. I’ve been using them since I was in high school and am cough cough in my 30s now and still use them. I think they need a new older face for Clean & Clear don’t you? Hint hint.



See fewer blackheads in just two days! CLEAN & CLEAR® BLACKHEAD ERASER™Scrub has unique exfoliating multi-action beads that work to gently remove the trapped dirt, oil, and dead skin that can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Three sizes of multi-action beads allow surface exfoliation and a deep down clean. Salicylic Acid, an acne fighting medicine, clears blackheads and helps prevent new ones from forming.


The scoop on CLEAN & CLEAR® BOOST w/ Mango & Papaya

Get Clean! Get energized! Get Going! New CLEAN & CLEAR® MORNING BURST®body wash is designed to help stimulate your senses and energize you all over. MORNING BURST® is the only body wash infused with BURSTING BEADS® that are suspended with exotic fruit extracts. Feel the BOOST of mango & papaya fill your shower as the bubbly formula leaves your skin clean and refreshed.


Disclaimer – I was not required to write this post. I’ve just been a huge fan for years. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.


Kenton Magazine & Lacoste – Product Review

I’ve been following Kenton magazine on Twitter for a while now. I was thrilled when I won the Eau de Lacoste contest. My hubby had actually read an article recently about the new Lacoste fragrances and was anxious to try them out. So when I won this contest you can imagine his excitement.


I can tell you first hand that both of these new fragrances are amazing. Both of them smell clean, fresh and just plain yummy.


The Lacoste Relaxed Green scent is super clean and fresh. Green is the color representing nature and therefore a natural fresh
scent. The green edition opens with notes combining bergamot, verbena and grapefruit balanced by a relaxing heart consisting of blue avender, thyme, violet leaf and fig.

The hubby says “The green seems slightly more masculine and woodsy.”


The Lacoste Powerful Blue also denotes freshness but with an earthy flair. The Blue edition top notes combine a dose of citrusy grapefruit with cool notes of peppermint. At the heart there is a smooth and aromatic accord of sage which blends with an earthy base of patchouli, amber wood and oak moss to create a powerful, and masculine scent.

The hubby says “It’s fresh. I like the classic packaging. The 30ml is great for travel.”


The packaging for the new scents are timeless and classic typical for Lacoste. They also don’t wear off like many fragrances. The scent stays on you for hours. Both my hubby and I loved both of the scents although I do prefer the Green a little more over the Blue. I feel it has more of a clean scent which I prefer.


Disclaimer *I received this product as part of a  contest. I was not required to write a blog post. My thoughts are my own.

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