Madonna’s MDNA Concert 9/15/12


On Saturday, September 15, 2012 I attended my very first Madonna concert. That being said, not only did I attend but I won tickets for the Golden Triangle (which for those of you who don’t know is in front of the pit).


I brought my hubby (he has seen Madonna before) and we walked all the way down to the floor and literally under part of the stage to be in between the stage.

The show was AMAZING! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a concert like it in my life. It was like going to a Broadway show. SO many set changes, costumes changes it was incredible. My hubby kept joking with me because I wasn’t dancing or singing barely at all I was staring wide-eyed at an incredible show and was just in complete awe over the production of it all.

For years I’ve said that Madonna is someone I always wanted to see in concert and my wish finally came true.

Below you’ll find her set list she played as well as some photos we took.

You may also watch a few video clips I took as well.

Click on the links to watch the videos I took.

Vogue – MDNA Tour 9/15/12

Express Yourself – MDNA tour 9/15/12

Madonna Playing Guitar Super Close UP



  1. “Gregorian Chants/Virgin Mary”
  2. Girl Gone Wild
  3. Revolver
  4. Gang Bang
  5. Papa Don’t Preach
  6. Hung Up
  7. “I Don’t Give A”
  8. “Best Friend”
  9. Express Yourself
  10.  “Give Me All Your Luvin’
  11. Turn Up the Radio
  12. Open Your Heart
  13.  “Masterpiece
  14. Justify My Love
  15. Vogue
  16. “Candy Shop”
  17. Human Nature
  18. Like a Virgin
  19. Nobody Knows Me
  20. I’m Addicted
  21. “I’m a Sinner”
  22. Like a Prayer
  23. Celebration


Accessorizing with Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler paid a visit to the Princeton Public Library recently to promote his new book Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Accessorizing.


Adler shared the story of his “accidental career” and the audience had the chance to ask Adler design questions. He said he likes to use the dining room table as a book stand when it’s not in use. He stressed the importance of foyer décor.  Adler swears “Orange, ping pongs, hanging chairs and you’ll be happy.”

I had the opportunity to sit down with the New Jersey native and ask him a few questions.

Katie – Did your mother’s style affect your style and if so in what way? Any items from your childhood that come into your designs?

Jonathan – My mom’s style totally affected my style cause she’s always had a sense of exuberance and she loves color. She still has really groovy taste.

Katie – If you were required to be on a Jersey reality show which could you see yourself on?

Jonathan – First of all it would be a pleasure and I would KILL to be on Jersey Shore. I love those kids. I’m a big big fan of their work.  I’d love to be an honorary guido for a day.

Katie – If you could work with one celebrity that you haven’t worked with before whose house would you love to revamp?

Jonathan – Go hard or go home, I’d have to go with Madonna.