Never Get Lost Again! – Droid DNA

I’m a mess when it comes to directions. I have no idea what Route/Turnpike/Parkway takes me anywhere. Which is why I always rely on my GPS. However, if I’m walking around a large city I’m obviously not carrying around my bulky GPS with me.


Recently my husband and I drove into Philly to visit friends who recently had a baby. Because it’s Philly we ended up having to park a million miles away. We got out of our car and had no idea where we were cause we were blocks away from our friend’s house.


Wait a minute! I said. I have GPS on my phone! Perfect! With ease, I entered in our destination on my Droid DNA. I had the option of it giving me directions or navigation. With the navigation feature it will speak to you and verbally give you directions just like a GPS you would use in your car. Love that! Especially since our hands were filled with baked ziti, meatballs and tons of gifts for the little one. I kept the Droid DNA in my pocket and had it on navigation and we arrived at our destination no problem! droid_dna_power_screen


I’ve seen other phones that offer a GPS but they typically only show directions and don’t tell them to you. That’s my favorite feature on a GPS. I don’t want to have to read and pay attention to a screen I need to pay attention to the road.


The Droid DNA is perfect for those who live in the city and need directions easily, as well as anyone who doesn’t own a GPS too. But honestly, the Droid DNA has so many cool features besides the GPS. That just happens to be one of my faves. I love its large screen, the colors are super vibrant and I love the sound quality. After all it is Beats Audio.


Stay tuned for more on how the Droid DNA supports the way I live.

AND – Never get lost again with the Droid DNA!

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*Disclaimer – I received the Droid DNA from Verizon Wireless because I’m a Verizon Brand Ambassador. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.