Getting Fit with the FitBit Zip


6 weeks ago I joined a gym. Work Out World, cause I’m Jersey Strong. I absolutely love it! It was finally time for me to get healthy, get in shape and lose this weight. So far I’ve been sticking to the treadmill and I keep upping my pace, incline and the amount of time I’m on the treadmill.


I also use the app My Fitness Pal to track my fitness, food, etc. I love that I can use it on my phone (especially since its always with me). My doctor had recommended My Fitness Pal to me and is a huge advocate of this app.


So when Verizon sent me the FitBit Zip I was thrilled. What perfect timing! Not only can I track my fitness while at the gym but also throughout the day as I just keep it on and it tracks my steps, distance, etc. all day. At the end of the day I just put my Fit Bit next to my computer and it automatically syncs wirelessly.  Easy Peazy!


What’s even better is that I can export my FitBit information into My Fitness Pal. Amazing! It also works with other apps including:  Lose It, Run Keeper, Map my Fitness, Endomondo and Spark People.


FitBit also allows you to earn badges for your successes, challenge friends and more.


If you have made the choice to start getting healthier, or if you have already been on the right path, the FitBit is for you. It’s a super easy way to track your progress and stay motivated as well as challenge yourself. Let’s face it we are all a little competitive even with ourselves.


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*Disclaimer – I received the FitBit Zip from Verizon Wireless because I’m a Verizon Brand Ambassador. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.