No More Waxing For Me – Threading Only!

This past Saturday I had my first threading experience at Great Looks 4 Less in Mercer Mall, Princeton, NJ. I have to admit, I was a bit terrified going into it. I’m a huge baby when it comes to getting my eyebrows waxed and had no idea what to expect. Everyone I spoke to about it said it was pain free, plus it lasts forever.

I met the woman who was going to do my eyebrow threading and stressed to her that I was a huge baby and scared. She told me not to worry that it wouldn’t hurt at all. Guess what? It didn’t! In fact it tickled a bit and felt more like a slight brushing against my skin. No hot wax burning or the ripping off and feeling like my skin may or may not come off. This was totally pain free.

I was completely fascinated by the whole process and the woman gave me a mirror so I could watch what she was doing. Basically she had a spool of thread and twisted it around and it would grab each hair and pull it out from the root (almost like plucking). But she goes super fast. I was impressed! It’s an art form.

No more eyebrow waxing for me. From now on it’s threading.

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