Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – Well usually…

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well usually. They aren’t when it comes to Felice Pasquale jewelers in Robbinsville, NJ. (Yes they are part of the Pratico family of jewelers.)

I found a ring at Felice Pasquale’s in June and fell in love with it. I mean loved it. Rachel Zoe would fully agree and think it was “ba-na-na’s”. I inquired about the cost. They gave me a lower price than what they gave my husband when we went in together at a later date to look at it a second time. Plus, they originally told me 3-5 days to size the ring. The owner also said that he made the ring there (in house).

My husband went back prior to my birthday to purchase the ring. When he went in alone the price went up again higher than the last time. So the price changed 3 different times. So much for being consistent. A female salesperson remembered my husband and remembered that they quoted him a certain price which was the original price I was given. He bought the ring and made sure the price included sizing (since that’s typically an additional fee). He left with the ring. Yippee (or so I thought)!

I received the ring on my birthday. I was ecstatic!  I called Felice Pasquale’s immediately to find out when I could get it sized and how long it would take. I was very anxious to get the ring on my finger as I loved it. Have I mentioned I loved it? They then told me 5-7 days (more than what was originally estimated). I kept the ring that day in order to show friends/family and brought it in the following Monday to be sized. When I dropped it off on August 16th they still said 5-7 days to be sized. On the 7th day we called. No ring. I didn’t get the ring back until August 27th. Yes that’s right, it took 2 weeks to get it back from being sized.

Problem is, they didn’t size it properly. I finally got the ring back after waiting longer than I should have but it wasn’t sized correctly. Between everything that had already happened and their not so friendly demeanor (you would think with the economy the way it is people would be friendly and happy for business), I took the ring and was going to take it elsewhere to be sized properly. I brought it home and my husband and I looked at it. Not only did they not size it right, but there was a mark from where they cut it on the bottom of the band and the inside of the bottom was all messed up. It was awful craftsmanship! (Need I remind you they supposedly crafted the ring themselves to begin with.)

So on August 28th we dropped the ring off to our good friends at Daves Jewelers in Hamilton, NJ. They checked the size of the ring and it had been sized to a 7.5 instead of the 8 that it was supposed to be. They promised that they would take good care of my ring, size it correctly and fix the poor craftsmanship that occurred.

It took them 2 weeks to fix all the faults in the ring that occurred from the improper sizing and lousy craftsmanship at Felice Pasquale’s. I received my ring and Daves Jewelers  did an incredible job. I should have gone to them to begin with.

Needless to say I will never shop at Felice Pasquale’s store again. While they might have nice things, they have awful customer service, are overpriced, lie, have poor craftsmanship and more. I suggest you heed my advice and don’t shop there as well.

Are diamonds your best friend? Then head to Daves Jewelers  and you will not be disappointed. They will take good care of you, with their low prices, superb craftsmanship and all with a smile on their face. They are no doubt in my mind the best jeweler in Mercer County.