I Repel Everything

As I get ready today to prepare for Thanksgiving I wanted to tell you about a great product that’s perfect for holiday entertaining.


Recently I had the opportunity to test out an apron from iRepel. Their chef gear revolutionizes the way people cook with their amazing
technology. No more worrying about spilled wine or marinara stains. It wipes right off! Well you shouldn’t be drinking and cooking at the same time, but that’s a whole other post. Fire safety people!


iRepel uses groundbreaking and innovative technology to make your everyday home cooking virtually mess free and enjoyable. With their
advanced technology liquids, wines, sauces, spills and more are repelled. They are also UV protected, flame retardant and moisture wicking. Performance lasts up to 5,000 washes. Wow!

To learn more about iRepel please visit www.irepelgear.com.


Disclaimer *I received this product and was not required to
write a blog post. My thoughts are my own.



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