Loving the Mango Collection from BOOTS


I love Mango! I’ve always thought that Mango shower products are the perfect wake me up. Which is why when BOOTS wanted me to try out their Mango Collection I was thrilled.

The body wash was definitely my favorite. Perfect amount of suds and I loved the smell. The scrub was great too and I liked that it was sugar scrub. My skin felt soft and rejuvenated. The mango body butter was super moisturizing. I’m trying to save it as best as I can for winter as I know it will be perfect for dry winter skin.


A little more about Boots:

Boots is dedicated to developing effective and innovative beauty products that deliver results for women and men across the globe. We believe that beauty products should be accessible and affordable for all and are proud of the contributions we make to the well-being of the communities we serve.
Our customers are at the heart of our business.  We are committed to offering them products that pair quality ingredients with groundbreaking science and technology, creating innovative skin care and cosmetics.
All of our unique products are developed in our own product development, testing and customer evaluation facilities, including our headquarters in Nottingham, England. These unique facilities, and our partnership with The Botanical Gardens in Kew, London, on our Botanics brand, give us the skills and resources to evolve and grow our product portfolio, continually offering new products that truly work.
We provide our consumers with exceptional customer service, and are dedicated to helping people look and feel better than they ever thought possible.
We have Beauty Advisors at select Target stores nationwide all focused on excellent customer service and providing personalized advice to help guide you in finding products tailored to your specific needs. Shopping for skin care doesn’t need to be a guessing game; our fully trained Beauty Advisors can answer all of your skincare concerns and provide cosmetic color matches to help bring out the most brilliantly beautiful you.


Great Facts to Know
• Boots is a leading international pharmacy-led Health & Beauty retailer.
• 2009 marks the 160th Anniversary of when John Boot, the herbalist, opened his first store in Goose Gate, Nottingham.
• Our products are not tested on animals. Through our unique development facility and the millions of women and men who trust boots, we test all our products on people to ensure each and every product provides the desired results before offering into stores.
• We’ve tested our products on over 200,000 men and women enabling us to assess product performance on different skin types and in different environmental conditions.
• Boots developed Ibuprofen in 1960, which was patented in 1961. Boots was awarded the Queen’s Award for Technical Achievement for the development of the drug in 1987.
• Boots’ first Royal Warrant was granted to Baron Trent, of the Boots Pure Drug Company, on January 1st 1942.Royal Warrants are a mark of recognition to companies who’ve regularly supplied products to the Royal Household. They are regarded as a mark of excellence and quality, and are highly prized.
• No 7 the number 1 cosmetics and skin care brand in the UK; 1 in 3 women in the UK have a No7 product in their makeup bag.



*Disclaimer – I was not required to write this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

Walkin on Sunshine UGG style – Product Review


The second UGG Australia hit the scene there was an overwhelming phenomenon. Girls everywhere began sporting the famous UGG boots. First they were seen worn over skinny jeans, and then miniskirts with boots, the trends keep coming and coming. UGG not only sells their famous boots, but they also have sandals, flip flops, sneakers, slippers and more. They even have a men’s and children’s line. Plus an accessories line.


I still have my first pair of UGG’s; actually I have all of them (they last forever). My first pair was a pair of flip flops. People had said how comfy they were and I thought well I’d start with the flip flops. I quickly realized what all the hoopla was about. They were super comfy!!!! Next came short Sand boots, followed by Black boots, leading to tall Chestnut boots and then slippers this past Christmas from my aunt.  As you can tell from my assorted collection, I’m a huge fan of everything UGG.


So when I won the #UGGLove contest on Twitter I was ecstatic. Obviously! I was able to select any pair of shoes of my choice. Decisions decisions! The pressure was on. So many great shoes which would I choose from.


Alvina Sandal in Chestnut


After much thought and consideration I opted for the Alvina sandal in Chestnut. Since I don’t have a pair of UGG sandals yet I thought I should try them out. They are just as comfy as everything else in their collection, just maybe a little dressier. They look great in jeans or with a cute sundress.


For more information on UGG or to order your pair of Alvina’s visit http://www.uggaustralia.com/.


Follow them on Twitter @uggaustralia and take part in their weekly #UGGLove contest and maybe you will win your own pair. I’m crossing my fingers for you.





These Boots Were Made For…..Everything!

I’m not gonna lie, I have been a fan of UGG’s for years now. I have a number of pairs ranging from boots to flip flops to slippers.

Recently I entered a Twitter contest with BEARPAW shoes and I won! I didn’t even know I won until I came home one day to find brand new shoes waiting for me. They were the cutest black crocheted boots. Very similar to an UGG style I’ve seen before. I put them on and ahhhhhhhhhh so comfy. Just as comfy and toasty as my UGG’s. Who knew? I couldn’t believe it. How did I not know of BEARPAW prior to this? Thank goodness for Twitter!  I’ve been wearing my new boots for about 2 weeks now and LOVE them. Besides the fact that they are super comy and cozy, they are super cute to boot.


Make sure you follow @bearpawshoes on Twitter so you can enter to win your own free pair of shoes during their #FREESHOESFRIDAY contest.

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