Walkin on Sunshine UGG style – Product Review


The second UGG Australia hit the scene there was an overwhelming phenomenon. Girls everywhere began sporting the famous UGG boots. First they were seen worn over skinny jeans, and then miniskirts with boots, the trends keep coming and coming. UGG not only sells their famous boots, but they also have sandals, flip flops, sneakers, slippers and more. They even have a men’s and children’s line. Plus an accessories line.


I still have my first pair of UGG’s; actually I have all of them (they last forever). My first pair was a pair of flip flops. People had said how comfy they were and I thought well I’d start with the flip flops. I quickly realized what all the hoopla was about. They were super comfy!!!! Next came short Sand boots, followed by Black boots, leading to tall Chestnut boots and then slippers this past Christmas from my aunt.  As you can tell from my assorted collection, I’m a huge fan of everything UGG.


So when I won the #UGGLove contest on Twitter I was ecstatic. Obviously! I was able to select any pair of shoes of my choice. Decisions decisions! The pressure was on. So many great shoes which would I choose from.


Alvina Sandal in Chestnut


After much thought and consideration I opted for the Alvina sandal in Chestnut. Since I don’t have a pair of UGG sandals yet I thought I should try them out. They are just as comfy as everything else in their collection, just maybe a little dressier. They look great in jeans or with a cute sundress.


For more information on UGG or to order your pair of Alvina’s visit http://www.uggaustralia.com/.


Follow them on Twitter @uggaustralia and take part in their weekly #UGGLove contest and maybe you will win your own pair. I’m crossing my fingers for you.