CoverGirl Party with Sofia Vergara & Nervo


I was recently invited to attend a CoverGirl event to learn all about their amazing new products. I’ve been wearing CoverGirl since I started wearing makeup, so I was thrilled to be invited to this event. Not only was I going to have the opportunity to try a bunch of fab new products but I was also going to be able to mingle with fellow bloggers as well as Sofia Vergara and Nervo.


You may read about the fab new products HERE!


But I wanted to share a bunch of photos that I took as well as a few that were provided to me.


I loved the relaxation lounge. Guests were invited to recharge their devices, and get a hand massage with Olay Advanced Healing Lotion which I need to run out to CVS to buy. It was super light and moisturizing. Perfect for summer!


photo (66) photo (65)


I got a manicure with the new Glosstini’s. I chose Sangria which is pictured here on the bottom.


photo (70)

I happened to be getting my eye makeup done with the new Flamed Out collection when Nervo and Sofia did an impromptu photo session right in front of me.


photo (69)

My makeup artist was finishing my eye makeup with Flamed Out #310 and eye crayon when Sofia happened to look at the options on the table next to me and grabbed the vibrant red I was using. I said that’s what I have on, closed my eyes to show her and she had to have it too. Here she is grabbing the color I have.


photo (68)


Don’t worry it looks redder than it really is. Here is what it looks like on. A lot more neutral right?


photo (64)

Nervo dropped beats.


photo (67)


As you can see I had a fab time! And don’t forget to check out my CoverGirl blog to learn all about their new products coming out July 2013.

Beauty, Brains, Babies and More – My Interview with Dr. Bonnie Blossman Star of “Big Rich Texas”


Recently I had a chance to talk with the super cool and down to earth Dr. Bonnie Blossman from the Style Network’s “Big Rich Texas”. Here’s what she had to say about weddings, babies, beauty and more.


Me: Are you still teaching? What do you love most about it?

Bonnie: I’m still faculty at University of North Texas but I’m not teaching this semester, basically because I have too many projects going on right now. But I plan to be back in the summer. The thing I like the most is that I feel the students are like my kids and I’m just proud of them.


Me: How do your students feel about you being on a hit TV show?

Bonnie: Ya know they got slightly weird after it got more weird. I try to get them not to ask. Especially when I was teaching during a season airing and my students would start watching the show and would want to talk about it and I had a rule. The first day people would want to come up and talk to me about it and I was like look I’ll talk about it when the semester is over. You can come ask me whatever you want when the semester is over but right now I want you thinking about biochemistry.


Me: You are a busy lady between teaching, running a household, doing Big Rich Texas and writing “Fiona Frost”. How do you manage it all?

Bonnie: I can’t manage everything so some things have to go by the wayside and come back later. I’m actually thinking about going back to the lab and doing a project/collaboration with my old lab mates. I haven’t researched in 3 or 4 years and I miss it. I miss spending time in the lab.


Me: What’s going on with “Fiona Frost” now?

Bonnie: I’m working on Volume 3 it’s called “Fiona Frost Fatal Souvenirs” and it is a serial killer this time. So this one should come out probably by May. We are also working on a television series which is very exciting for me. This summer we are gonna be casting for the pilot and then probably in the fall or early winter of this year we will start filming the pilot.

Me: That’s exciting!

Bonnie: Yea that’s my dream. To build “Fiona Frost” into a franchise.



Me: I also hear that Whitney is pregnant.
Bonnie: Yes!
Me: Congratulations!
Bonnie: Thank you!
Me: Do we know if it’s a boy or girl?
Bonnie: We actually find out Feb. 4th.
Me: That’s exciting!
Bonnie: I will be there!
Me: Now when is she due?
Bonnie: July 24th I think it will be August 1st though.
Me: Has she postponed the wedding now due to the pregnancy?
Bonnie: No. The wedding is still on the same date. Ok this is really cool. She got engaged in early September she got pregnant on Halloween. Her wedding date from the start was Halloween 2013. So it’s kinda cool. The baby will be incorporated into the wedding. Of course I already have plans. And it’s gonna be gothic. We are having her wedding dress made. It’s going to be black and short with an enormously ridiculous train, 13 bridesmaids, and 13 groomsmen. It’s going to be epic.


Me: Which brings me to Jason… During the season recap he still didn’t seem on board and you were still visibly really upset by everything. How is that going?

Bonnie: I can proudly say he has given his blessing.

Me: Yay!
Bonnie: He is totally on board, he knows we are planning this epic wedding and he and Brandon get along fantastic. It’s all good. Part of that was just doing those things on camera he was not a fan of. Brandon had mentioned to him that Whitney’s my dream girl. And Jason told him don’t do anything on camera.
Me: Well Jason seems like he is more of a private person.
Bonnie: He is.
Me: That makes sense.
Bonnie: And that’s like when Leslie said he went off on Tyler for TV time. That’s why we all cracked up cause we’re like no Jason doesn’t want to be on TV. He didn’t want this.
Me: I can see that. We see him but we don’t know much about him.
Bonnie: Right. That’s by his design. I mean cause he’s my husband he’s gotta be around. If I was going to continue on the show obviously you would have to start seeing him or I would never know my husband. Now he goes in public and people recognize him and he’s like Bonnie I did not want this.
Me: I didn’t sign up for this.
Bonnie: That’s what he says.


Me: What is your beauty routine? What are your favorite products?
Bonnie: Ok wait. I have the perfect product. I’m going right to my drawer because everyone asks me this and I always forget. I get it from my plastic surgeon’s office, but you can get it anywhere. It’s called SkinMedica and it’s an AHA/BHA Cream. It’s an alpha-hydroxy. Then if I don’t use this I get breakouts. I use it every day and I know when I don’t. When I don’t use it my pores get larger and I break out. I use it every day and it keeps my skin clear and my pores small. I used to use Retin-A but I found that it was the alpha-hydroxy that was doing it. I completely live by that.


Me: Favorite store/brand?
Bonnie: Oh my God! 100% BCBG. 70% of the time you see me I’m wearing BCBG.


Me: Favorite Band or Musician?
Bonnie: Oh that was is so hard for me because I have musical ADD. I would say right now… well I’m just gonna tell you the last song that played on my computer. It was actually The Jackson’s. I’m all over the place from Frank Sinatra to Metallic to The Jacksons. I like everything but country.


Me: Now I know you play bass. Who is your all-time favorite bass player? I’m a Flea fan.
Bonnie: Oh my God there is no way I could ever compare to him. Flea is I can’t even though him. But yeah he is one of my favorites, but I could never even compare.
Me: You know what song has such a great bass line? “Pain Lies On The Riverside” by Live. It’s killer. (*I included the YouTube video below.)
Bonnie: Ok I’m gonna write that down what’s it called.
Me: The song is “Pain Lies on the Riverside” and it’s by Live.
Bonnie: Is it hard?
Me: It might be.
Bonnie: You might not hear me playing it then.


Me: Who is your Big Rich Texas BFF? Besides Whitney of course.
Bonnie: Oh Melissa! Close second is basically everybody else but Leslie. I mean we hang out like constantly. I talk to Melissa probably 5 times a day and the others at least once a day. We’ve gotten so close I can’t imagine what the next season will be like.


Me: Have you been watching Big Rich Atlanta?
Bonnie: You know I missed it but I do have it on my DVR cause I’m going to watch it so I can talk to people about it.  I need to have my favorites! Especially before the big fight. So I know who to root for.


Me:Do you do your own social media?
Bonnie: Yes.
Me: What is your favorite social media site?
Bonnie: Whosay! I got inducted into the Who Say world and it is the easiest thing. I can post/broadcast something and goes everywhere.
(We then got into an in depth conversation about the social media world.)


Me: I have a few questions from my followers on Twitter for you:


 ‏@LoadedLandShark asks: @kdevito Ask @bonblossman if she’ll hang out w/us here at Stable Tipsy Beach of NC this summer! Perfect balance of smart feminine, she is!

Bonnie:  I can try. I will try I have no idea what I’m doing this summer. North Carolina sounds fun. Well that’s why I’m thinking about it. We’ve actually been talking about going to NC. Jason and I will be doing a nationwide book tour but it won’t be until after football season. Let’s make that a possible. Maybe next winter.


 ‏@Soncie22 asks: @kdevito @bonblossman @BigRichTexas My ??for Bon: Why did you decide 2 do a reality show? Has this changed ur family in any way? if so, how?

 Bonnie: I did a reality show because it basically fell in my lap. I wanted to be on Big Brother. I had just graduated with my doctorate and my friend and I wanted to do something crazy. It was the competition that drew me to it not necessarily TV. The same casting agent new me and she contacted me for this. Whitney was pretty adamant. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. You only live once. Why not? It made our family get closer because we spend more time together.


Make sure you check out Bonnie on “Big Rich Texas” on the Style Network and check out her website to see what she’s up to.


So just for fun I wanted to include a YouTube video of Live’s “Pain Lies on the Riverside”. The bass line rocks. Check it out!

Deena Cortese of Jersey Shore Talking Final Season, Weddings & More

Tuesday night I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Deena Cortese from The Jersey Shore at Just Restaurant in Old Bridge, NJ. We talked everything from Jersey Shore finale to showing her cooka and will she be in Snooki & J-Wow’s weddings.


Me: Why is it important to you to be at this Breast Cancer awareness event/has someone close to you been effected by this specific disease?

Deena: Breast cancer and all cancers are everywhere. The opportunity to raise money for breast cancer is an amazing feeling. Actually, my cousin had breast cancer and she lost both of her boobs, but she’s doing well now. Probably due to great fundraisers like this.

Me: If you didn’t do Jersey Shore what would you be doing?
Deena: I’d probably be doing dental assisting. But now no one will probably let me work on their teeth.

Me: It’s Jersey Shore’s last season. What can we expect during the remaining episodes of Jersey Shore?
Deena: Up until 8 I was a little depressed and down and out. I had a few rough times and that was the first time I really had any rough times during the seasons I was there. Sometimes I think you need to hit rock bottom so you can start building yourself back up. That’s kind of what happened. After I hit episode 8 I hit rock bottom, went into a panic attack. The rest of the season you will see Nicole and I start hanging out more again. I think the rest of the season for me is gonna be more fun rather than me sad.

Me: What plans do you have now that the show is ending?
Deena: I partnered with a hair salon in Manalapan called Whisper, so now I’m working with Whisper hair products. We are working on getting it into bigger places. I’ve also been working on a clothing line called Short Couture. It’ll be a clothing line for anyone and make every woman feel sexy.

Me: Ok did you have a meatball tonight?
Deena: My friend Mallory is my meatball. And my publicist Melissa is my meatball.

Me: Are you going to be in the bridal party for Jenni or Nicole’s wedding?
Deena: As of now I am. They both asked me to be bridesmaids, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Me: Fave club down the shore?
Deena: D’Jais in Belmar
Me: Fave bar down the shore?
Deena: D’Jais! No I like Jenks!

Me: Biggest regret while filming Jersey Shore?
Deena: Biggest regret while filming was probably showing my cooka.

Me: Best thing/most exciting thing that has happened to you since filming Jersey Shore?
Deena: Just being able to do fundraisers like this and bringing people in. Going to the VMA’s was one of the most amazing things. That’s what I dreamt about when I was little. Then I was there and people were screaming for me and was like this is crazy.

Me: Favorite cast mate?
Deena: I like all my roommates, but probably Nicole.

Me: Now this is coming from my intern’s friends in college. OK: You have Mike, Vinny, and Pauly D. from the shore house. You have to marry one, kill one, and have sex with one. Who do you choose?

Deena: Well I’m probably not going to have sex with any of them cause I see them as my brothers now. Plus I have a boyfriend and he probably wouldn’t like that. I feel bad killing Mike. Marry probably Vinny or Pauly. I feel Vinny is a family guy and Pauly is just fun.

Me: When driving in the car and “your song” comes on the radio and you’re like “that’s my song”… what it is?
Deena: One of my favorite songs to dance to now is that song by Ke$ha “Die Young”. We have a blast to that song. Or “Let Me Love You” by Nee-Yo. I really enjoy that song when it comes on.

Me: Anything else you’d like to say to my readers:
Deena: Thank you for watching the show and supporting us.
Me: You guys are doing the Hurricane Relief Fundraiser on MTV Thursday night right?
Deena: We are actually doing a telethon Thursday (Nov. 15th) at 11pm to help raise money for Seaside Heights.


Tune in tonight for a new Jersey Shore episode at 10pm EST, followed by a Hurricane Relief telethon at 11pm EST.


*Photos courtesy of Lucky 17 Photography.


Beauty, Bullying, Real Housewives of OC Season 8, Family and More with Heather Dubrow – PART 2

PART 2 with Heather Dubrow

Quick 5

ME: Fave junk food treat

HEATHER: Twizzlers (We both agreed Twizzlers beat out Red Vines hands down. We even chatted about biting off the ends of the Twizzlers and using them as straws. You know you’ve done it too.)

ME: All time fave movie

HEATHER: There’s so many. Aside from all the major classics like “The Wizard of Oz”. “Flashdance”, “Ice Castles” any of those girlie, young performance, dance, ice skating, singing type of films.

ME: Fave musical theater song because I know you sing. I was actually a theater major in college.

HEATHER: Really? Where did you go?

ME: I went to Rider in New Jersey. (We chatted briefly about how I ended up not pursuing anything with my theatre degree.)

HEATHER: This is hard.

ME: Ok if you had to go into an audition tomorrow and sing something what would it be?

HEATHER: Trying to think of my old audition songs. I do love “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar.

ME: That’s a good one.

HEATHER: I’d probably audition with something from Les Mis.

ME: I love Les Mis too.

ME: Fave store or brand

HEATHER: I always say Chanel because I love Chanel. But I feel their prices are so out of control right now I’m almost turned off. I’m going to say Valentino.

ME: Fave magazine

HEATHER: I like a bunch of them. I’m gonna say Vogue.


ME: Do you do your own social media?


ME: What social media site do you love the most? Twitter maybe?

HEATHER: I do like Twitter. I don’t understand Facebook at all. (We then chatted about different media platforms and different sites to help manage accounts.)


HEATHER: The word bullying. Are you on Twitter? Do you follow me on Twitter?

ME: I do!

HEATHER: So you’ve seen all the bullying talk with Alexis because of what happened in Costa Rica. How do you feel about that?

ME: I think she’s ridiculous.

HEATHER: Ok good, ok so you understand. This is what I have to say about it. It is so not appropriate in this context; it’s not applicable in this context to use the word bullying. That’s an incredibly serious statement. It’s a serious issue and to make light of it like that I just think it’s crazy. We are all cognizant that we are on the show to show our relationships and be vocal about our opinions of the other cast members. If you have filters, you have to take those filters out. This is what the show is about. It’s allowing the audience to get into our brain and say what they want to say and hear what they want to hear. The realness of it. This is Alexis’s 3rd season, she’s very aware. She’s very aware of how it works. I think it’s really easy when things get turned on you and it makes you uncomfortable and it hits too close to home to run to your corner and cry victim. But I don’t think it’s fair and I think it’s an easy out.

ME: I agree.

HEATHER: She and I had gone back and forth and back and forth on Twitter. I’m tired of the name calling and whatever. I actually have no ill feelings towards her. We had some very nice times together. I think it’s unfortunate how things happen. We had a really nice conversation after the reunion in the parking lot. We hugged and sort of apologized to each other for the misconceptions and some issues and whatever. We hugged. We texted each other. So I thought, ok great, maybe not best friends but we can accept each other. But then 2 days later she gave a really rude interview about me in the press and I thought ok well there you go.

ME: I think she’s just unhappy with herself and that’s the big problem.

HEATHER: Yea know what you could be right. As far as I’m concerned, her chapter’s closed. I wish her and her family well. I have no ill feelings towards them.  She’s not a bad person. I hope she’s happy in her life.


Beauty, Bullying, Real Housewives of OC Season 8, Family and More with Heather Dubrow – PART 1


ME: How do you manage it all? Being a wife, mother, and actress and having cameras in your face all day long?

HEATHER: I drink a lot. No I’m kidding. It’s a balance but life is a balance. Sometimes I do well, sometimes I don’t. If I could freeze right now I’d say today is a good day. The kids are happy, Terry’s good. I’m constantly trying to figure out if I’m servicing everyone well enough, my kids my husband and myself and constantly reevaluating. I may be too hard on myself sometimes. Last season I talked a lot about my acting career. Obviously that’s had to go on the back burner. I’ve had 4 kids in 8 years, I’ve been busy. Aside from a few things here and there, I really haven’t been working. Being on the show now, and people seeing my face, it reminds Hollywood who you are.  Now I’m receiving some cool interesting opportunities, so what I’m trying to figure out now again is what can I actually do that will satisfy me creatively and be enough for me without taking anything away from the family. It’s an ever changing thing to manage it all.


ME: You are currently filming season 8 correct?

HEATHER:  I don’t believe an official pick up has been announced for Season 8 by BRAVO yet.

ME: Do you know if anyone will be or will not be returning should Season 8 happen?

HEATHER: Well, one person has been pretty vocal. I would say hypothetically if we were to do Season 8 I think most people would come back.

ME: Even Alexis?

HEATHER: My understanding is that she won’t be returning.


ME: You are married to the premiere plastic surgeon. What are your beauty rituals? What products do you use on your face? Favorite beauty products?

HEATHER: I like to keep it incredibly simple. My husband is a naturalist and he wants everyone to look healthy and pretty and he wrote a book a few years ago called “The Acne Cure” which basically tells you how to cure your acne for very little money. His new product line, which I can’t live without, which he’s re-launching is really just about getting beautiful skin for very little money. It doesn’t take a fortune to improve your skin. As I’m getting older I find my skin is changing so much and I hear it from all my friends too. His products are phenomenal, very simple, and very easy to use. Love that! Not a lot of lotions and potions.


ME: I’ve heard bits and pieces about you possibly starting a beauty line or is there going to be a collaborative effort with your husband?

HEATHER: I have helped him with his line and I will continue to do so. I’m his at home guinea pig. I try it out and I have sensitive skin. It’s changing as I get older. I’m also someone who really likes Cetaphil soap. It’s very pure and natural. I think less is more. That’s basically our philosophy for everything. For plastic surgery, skincare.


ME: I know you are very involved with the 2nd Harvest Food Bank. Are there any other organizations you are involved with that you’d like to share?

HEATHER: I am involved with the 2nd Harvest Food Bank. I’m a part of a group called the Harvesters.  I’m incredibly passionate about feeding kids. What I’ve noticed and I don’t know the exact numbers but I feel like so many organizations are feeding kids around the world which I think is fabulous but I would like to focus on feeding kids here at home. The restaurant that we are in the works with and food products we are working on right now are all gonna give back to feeding our kids.


ME: Is there a possibility of having another child?

HEATHER: (Heather laughed hysterically) Wait…let me tell that to my assistant.  (Her assistant’s response “Oh God”.)

ME: So I guess that’s a no?

HEATHER: I love kids. If I were 10 years younger I’d probably want one more. But I’m old and tired. My husband and I got married a little bit later, we had kids a little bit later and we had a lot of fertility problems. We went through fertility treatments and had the twins, went back to fertility and had Catarina, and then we thought we were done and low and behold I got pregnant naturally with Little Miss Colette. So that was a shocker. She’s amazing and she’s funny but she’s so much work. And you forget. Especially right now she’s 21 months and she can’t communicate so she’s frustrated but she’s so stinking cute. I think they make them that way so you can’t go nuts on them. She’s amazing and I feel incredible blessed. To have her. But I did have my tubes tied when I had her. So that was it. We closed that door.


ME: Who’s your RHOC BFF?

HEATHER: Ohhh I have to say I have such good relationships with Tamara, Gretchen & Vicki. I’d have to say I’m closest with Tamara, because I met her first and she and I really just initially bonded over our kids. We have similarly aged children and we just sort of hit it off. I felt she was sort of my buoy in the storm when I first joined the show.


ME: I actually met Tamara Barney 2 years ago. We bonded over having the same purse. She’s very cool and down to earth.

HEATHER: She is. She’s very down to earth, very authentic. She and I are very different. She doesn’t have a lot of filters. Not everyone has to be exactly the same. That’s what makes life interesting. I appreciate the fact that she is very true to herself and she’s unapologetic about it.


ME: Do you watch the other Real Housewives shows?

HEATHER: I watch the Beverly Hills franchise.

ME: Do you have a favorite cast member?

HEATHER: I kind of love them all. I know Adrienne because Paul used to work with my husband. I’ve met them all. I think their all really nice, but I’d probably be friends with Lisa and Kyle.

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