Recreate Rita Ora & Jessica Alba’s Red Carpet Looks with Mary Kay

For ladies of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards it seemed as though there were two vastly different, yet both stunning, popular trends. While half of the ladies showcased their relaxed natural looks, the other half went the dramatic route by getting playful with color. Recreate two of the most gorgeous looks of the night – Rita Ora’s red lip and Jessica Alba’s natural glow – with tips from Mary Kay!

image001 Radiant in Red

  • Cover the entire lid with Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Silver Satin.
  • Apply Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation then lightly sweep Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color in Shy Blush across the cheekbones for that just-pinched look.
  • Apply a thin line of Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner in Black on the upper lash line and thenMary Kay Eyeliner in Black to the waterline. Then coat lashes with Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in Black for full,             voluminous lashes.
  • Line lips with Mary Kay Lip Liner in Clear and then apply Mary Kay Crème Lipstick in Really Red to attain the perfect red pout.


image002Glowing Goddess

  • Begin with TimeWise Luminous-Wear Liquid Foundation.
  • Sweep Mary Kay Bronzing Powder along the hairline, temples and cheeks for an all-around sun-kissed glow.
  • To attain a shimmery neutral eye, cover lid with Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Rosegold and then lightly sweep this color under the lower lash line as well.
  • Apply Mary Kay Eyeliner in Deep Brown to waterline and then lightly smudge into the lower lash line to create a smoky effect. Then coat lashes with Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in Brown.
  • Line lips with Mary Kay Lip Liner in Neutral and then fill in lips with Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick in Pink Cherie. To create dimension and shine, apply Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in  Pink Parfait in the center of the lips to complete the look.

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The Device Every Instagram Addict Needs

Calling all Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Twitter and Photography addicts!

Listen up….

Have you heard of the new Nokia Lumia Icon yet? Have you seen the commercials? You know the ones with the amazing sounds and super clear and crisp pictures? This phone has a gazillion great features (it is a Windows phone after all) but what stands out to me the most is by far the camera. This phone takes the most amazing photos and videos.


With its Full HD video, 20 megapixel camera and 5” full HD screen you are guaranteed to achieve the most perfect shot. The Icon also uses Zeiss optics which helps you take better photos in both light and dark areas. This technology also allows you to zoom in and reframe shots as well.


Another amazing feature is there is no glare from sunlight (thanks to Gorilla Glass) with this phone so it is perfect to take to the beach so you can catch up on Kim & Kanye in the most recent “VOGUE” issue. See what everyone’s talking about. #WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTCOUPLE


Remember when you were at that amazing concert last summer and they played your favorite song and you grabbed your phone and took a video only to come home to watch it and realize all you hear is background noise and not your favorite song? Kiss that goodbye with the Icon.


If you don’t believe me check out this video to prove it!



If you are a photographer or just a complete Instagram addict the Lumia Icon is a must!


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*Disclaimer – I’m a Verizon Brand Ambassador. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

Interview with Lisa Hochstein from The Real Housewives of Miami




Last night was the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Miami and recently I had the opportunity to chat with cast member Lisa Hochstein.


Katie: What made you decide to shoot RHOM?

Lisa: I thought it would be a great opportunity. I’ve had a lot of aspirations to have my own brand within the fitness, nutrition, clothing maybe jewelry arenas.

Katie: How has being on the show affected your life?

Lisa: It’s definitely made me a public person. It’s different because people really feel like they know you because you are letting them into your home, and see your personal life. You’re talking about all the trials and tribulations and triumphs in your life and that’s out there for everyone to see. So a lot of the time people will come up to me and talk to me like we’ve been friends for years, which is really nice.

Katie: Last season you were trying to get pregnant. Any chance you might adopt?

Lisa: As of right now we don’t have any intention to adopt. We are staying focused on continuing with the fertility treatments and having our own biological child.

Katie: Are you pregnant?

Lisa: I am not pregnant right now. I wish!

Katie: I hear you are developing your own fitness products. Can you tell me a little more about that?

Lisa: Basically in the past few months I’ve been testing out some products to make sure that it meets my standards if I have to modify anything. Rome wasn’t built overnight and I have a really good team that I’m working with that are guiding me along the way. We are hoping everything will be in place by the summer. Right now we are focusing a lot on the skincare.

Katie: In a recent Shape magazine article you said – “Every morning I make a protein pancake with honey on it, and then I eat five more small meals throughout the day and a protein shake after working out to feed my muscles.” Care to share your pancake recipe?

Lisa: Yes! Lisa’s Protein Power Pancake Recipe

Katie: Also, I’m sometimes skeptical of too much protein. I don’t want to bulk up. What are your thoughts?

Lisa: I love lots of protein. It doesn’t bulk you up. If you eat lean protein it helps you maintain your muscles and keep you nice and toned. I also think women don’t eat as much protein as men. I have this philosophy that could be why we age a little faster. The reason I say this is because protein is feeding your muscles and your muscles are attached to your skin, in your face not so much in your body. So if you are feeding your muscles it’s keeping your skin and face nice and tight.

Katie: What is your #1 trick to staying so fit? Is it more fitness or nutrition?

Lisa: It’s a combination of both. If I had to choose one, number one would be nutrition. Even if you’re working out and you’re eating like crap you’re gonna look like crap.

Katie: It’s so hard to not eat right. I recently joined a gym but I feel like my nutrition hasn’t changed and I know that if my nutrition doesn’t change I’m obviously not going to see the results I want.

Lisa: You might as well stop going to the gym. You’re cheating yourself. You may be building nice muscle, but you will still maybe have a layer of fat that you’re not going to lose by eating horribly. You have to eat right. That’s number 1 and working out aids to that. You can give yourself a cheat day. I feel every 5 to 6 days you should give yourself a cheat day. Have a cheat meal, not necessarily cheat day. That way you have something to look forward to and it’s motivating when we have something to look forward to.

Katie: I know you said you are currently working on a skincare line. What is your beauty routine now and what are some of your favorite products you are currently using?

Lisa: The products I’ve been testing are what I’ve been using. My routine takes me about half an hour each night. I really make sure I never go to sleep with makeup on my face. Not a drop of makeup, because that’s how you clog your pores, your skin can’t breathe. I give myself a facial once a week. I do my masks, a moisturizing mask and my clay mask once a week. I always go in the steam room because I feel that’s the best way to clear out your pores and release toxins from my body. It definitely makes my skin glow and it helps the masks and creams absorb better into my skin. I use a cleanser daily and also use a scrub twice a week. My skin can be oily especially living in Miami so I use a moisturizer that’s oil free and I use benzoyl peroxide cleanser for my face, and then a toner that really deep cleanses the pores and that’s how I keep it looking the way it does. Because if I didn’t do that I would have a little bit of acne on my face. I am prone to it. I always use a serum. I think using a serum is super important. Also, I never leave the house without SPF 50 every single day. I think that definitely contributes to the way my skin looks.

Katie: Do you use a serum and a moisturizer at night?

Lisa: Yes. I use a serum and moisturizer day and night always. Never forget the serum because that’s what’s giving you all the nutrients and giving you the ingredients that help your skin look its best. The moisturizer is usually just a moisturizer.

Katie: Do you watch the other Real Housewives?

Lisa: I do. I particularly like Beverly Hills and Atlanta.

Katie: Do you watch any other reality shows?

Lisa: Not really because it’s so time consuming to watch so much TV. I generally don’t watch much more TV. I do like the show “Breaking Bad” however. It’s one of my favorite fictional shows.

Katie: Fave band/musician?

Lisa: I have so many. That’s a tough question. I love Beyoncé. I actually walked down the aisle to the song “Halo”. So she’s probably my favorite female singer. I also really love hip hop. That’s actually my music of choice. If I’m working out I love to listen to house and I love listening to Calvin Harris. He’s probably my favorite house DJ.

Katie: Fave brand/designer

Lisa: If I’m going to a red carpet event I really love Emilio Pucci, Herve Leger , Dolce & Gabbana, I think they make the most beautiful creations. I also like clothes by Torn, I think it’s really affordable for everyone and very stylish, so chic and fashion forward. I also love Mason by Michelle Mason. Her stuff is so well made for the price point. I think everyone should have a piece like that in their closet. Really beautiful stuff.

Katie: Spray tan? Tanning Bed? Out in the sun?

Lisa: No way will I lay out in the sun and no tanning beds. That is something I will never do to my skin. It’s the number 1 thing that will contribute to you aging. I always get a spray tan even though they say it’s still not the best for you. To me it’s better than laying out in the sun. I love to have a little color because  it makes your body look more lean, trim and fit. It makes you look healthier.

Katie: Last song played on your iPod?

Lisa: That new Florence and the Machine house song. It gets me going and gives me goose bumps. Music is definitely my drug. I’m very passionate about music. I love hip hop and house music. I’ve always had a little fantasy to produce my own house music.

Katie: You should!

Lisa: I used to be a pianist believe it or not as a young girl and used to play the clarinet in band. I’m such a band dork! I have an ear for it. When I first hear a song I can always tell if it will be a hit or not. I’ve always wanted to produce my own music.

Katie: Do you do your own social media? I think you do.

Lisa: Yes I do my own social media. I don’t think people would necessarily want to follow you if somebody else was sending, posing, tweeting, Instagraming as you. If I follow someone it’s because I want to see what they have to say. Not what someone else is saying on their behalf.

Katie: What’s your favorite social media site?

Lisa: I love Instagram. It’s right there on your phone and just an easy app to use. It’s so visual, it’s all pictures. When I’m at the gym doing cardio that’s when I do a lot of my social media. I hate cardio just like everyone else, it’s just not fun. So when I’m working out a great way for me to pass the time is through social media and catching up on what my friends and family are doing. I’m catching upon people I follow and tweeting myself. It’s a great way to stay fit and get things done.

Katie: I recently joined a gym and I too get bored doing cardio. I tend to watch TV and also bring a magazine. It’s a great way for me to get through my magazine pile.

For more info on Lisa Hochstein visit her website and follow her Blog for great health and nutrition tips.


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CoverGirl Party with Sofia Vergara & Nervo


I was recently invited to attend a CoverGirl event to learn all about their amazing new products. I’ve been wearing CoverGirl since I started wearing makeup, so I was thrilled to be invited to this event. Not only was I going to have the opportunity to try a bunch of fab new products but I was also going to be able to mingle with fellow bloggers as well as Sofia Vergara and Nervo.


You may read about the fab new products HERE!


But I wanted to share a bunch of photos that I took as well as a few that were provided to me.


I loved the relaxation lounge. Guests were invited to recharge their devices, and get a hand massage with Olay Advanced Healing Lotion which I need to run out to CVS to buy. It was super light and moisturizing. Perfect for summer!


photo (66) photo (65)


I got a manicure with the new Glosstini’s. I chose Sangria which is pictured here on the bottom.


photo (70)

I happened to be getting my eye makeup done with the new Flamed Out collection when Nervo and Sofia did an impromptu photo session right in front of me.


photo (69)

My makeup artist was finishing my eye makeup with Flamed Out #310 and eye crayon when Sofia happened to look at the options on the table next to me and grabbed the vibrant red I was using. I said that’s what I have on, closed my eyes to show her and she had to have it too. Here she is grabbing the color I have.


photo (68)


Don’t worry it looks redder than it really is. Here is what it looks like on. A lot more neutral right?


photo (64)

Nervo dropped beats.


photo (67)


As you can see I had a fab time! And don’t forget to check out my CoverGirl blog to learn all about their new products coming out July 2013.

Beauty, Brains, Babies and More – My Interview with Dr. Bonnie Blossman Star of “Big Rich Texas”


Recently I had a chance to talk with the super cool and down to earth Dr. Bonnie Blossman from the Style Network’s “Big Rich Texas”. Here’s what she had to say about weddings, babies, beauty and more.


Me: Are you still teaching? What do you love most about it?

Bonnie: I’m still faculty at University of North Texas but I’m not teaching this semester, basically because I have too many projects going on right now. But I plan to be back in the summer. The thing I like the most is that I feel the students are like my kids and I’m just proud of them.


Me: How do your students feel about you being on a hit TV show?

Bonnie: Ya know they got slightly weird after it got more weird. I try to get them not to ask. Especially when I was teaching during a season airing and my students would start watching the show and would want to talk about it and I had a rule. The first day people would want to come up and talk to me about it and I was like look I’ll talk about it when the semester is over. You can come ask me whatever you want when the semester is over but right now I want you thinking about biochemistry.


Me: You are a busy lady between teaching, running a household, doing Big Rich Texas and writing “Fiona Frost”. How do you manage it all?

Bonnie: I can’t manage everything so some things have to go by the wayside and come back later. I’m actually thinking about going back to the lab and doing a project/collaboration with my old lab mates. I haven’t researched in 3 or 4 years and I miss it. I miss spending time in the lab.


Me: What’s going on with “Fiona Frost” now?

Bonnie: I’m working on Volume 3 it’s called “Fiona Frost Fatal Souvenirs” and it is a serial killer this time. So this one should come out probably by May. We are also working on a television series which is very exciting for me. This summer we are gonna be casting for the pilot and then probably in the fall or early winter of this year we will start filming the pilot.

Me: That’s exciting!

Bonnie: Yea that’s my dream. To build “Fiona Frost” into a franchise.



Me: I also hear that Whitney is pregnant.
Bonnie: Yes!
Me: Congratulations!
Bonnie: Thank you!
Me: Do we know if it’s a boy or girl?
Bonnie: We actually find out Feb. 4th.
Me: That’s exciting!
Bonnie: I will be there!
Me: Now when is she due?
Bonnie: July 24th I think it will be August 1st though.
Me: Has she postponed the wedding now due to the pregnancy?
Bonnie: No. The wedding is still on the same date. Ok this is really cool. She got engaged in early September she got pregnant on Halloween. Her wedding date from the start was Halloween 2013. So it’s kinda cool. The baby will be incorporated into the wedding. Of course I already have plans. And it’s gonna be gothic. We are having her wedding dress made. It’s going to be black and short with an enormously ridiculous train, 13 bridesmaids, and 13 groomsmen. It’s going to be epic.


Me: Which brings me to Jason… During the season recap he still didn’t seem on board and you were still visibly really upset by everything. How is that going?

Bonnie: I can proudly say he has given his blessing.

Me: Yay!
Bonnie: He is totally on board, he knows we are planning this epic wedding and he and Brandon get along fantastic. It’s all good. Part of that was just doing those things on camera he was not a fan of. Brandon had mentioned to him that Whitney’s my dream girl. And Jason told him don’t do anything on camera.
Me: Well Jason seems like he is more of a private person.
Bonnie: He is.
Me: That makes sense.
Bonnie: And that’s like when Leslie said he went off on Tyler for TV time. That’s why we all cracked up cause we’re like no Jason doesn’t want to be on TV. He didn’t want this.
Me: I can see that. We see him but we don’t know much about him.
Bonnie: Right. That’s by his design. I mean cause he’s my husband he’s gotta be around. If I was going to continue on the show obviously you would have to start seeing him or I would never know my husband. Now he goes in public and people recognize him and he’s like Bonnie I did not want this.
Me: I didn’t sign up for this.
Bonnie: That’s what he says.


Me: What is your beauty routine? What are your favorite products?
Bonnie: Ok wait. I have the perfect product. I’m going right to my drawer because everyone asks me this and I always forget. I get it from my plastic surgeon’s office, but you can get it anywhere. It’s called SkinMedica and it’s an AHA/BHA Cream. It’s an alpha-hydroxy. Then if I don’t use this I get breakouts. I use it every day and I know when I don’t. When I don’t use it my pores get larger and I break out. I use it every day and it keeps my skin clear and my pores small. I used to use Retin-A but I found that it was the alpha-hydroxy that was doing it. I completely live by that.


Me: Favorite store/brand?
Bonnie: Oh my God! 100% BCBG. 70% of the time you see me I’m wearing BCBG.


Me: Favorite Band or Musician?
Bonnie: Oh that was is so hard for me because I have musical ADD. I would say right now… well I’m just gonna tell you the last song that played on my computer. It was actually The Jackson’s. I’m all over the place from Frank Sinatra to Metallic to The Jacksons. I like everything but country.


Me: Now I know you play bass. Who is your all-time favorite bass player? I’m a Flea fan.
Bonnie: Oh my God there is no way I could ever compare to him. Flea is I can’t even though him. But yeah he is one of my favorites, but I could never even compare.
Me: You know what song has such a great bass line? “Pain Lies On The Riverside” by Live. It’s killer. (*I included the YouTube video below.)
Bonnie: Ok I’m gonna write that down what’s it called.
Me: The song is “Pain Lies on the Riverside” and it’s by Live.
Bonnie: Is it hard?
Me: It might be.
Bonnie: You might not hear me playing it then.


Me: Who is your Big Rich Texas BFF? Besides Whitney of course.
Bonnie: Oh Melissa! Close second is basically everybody else but Leslie. I mean we hang out like constantly. I talk to Melissa probably 5 times a day and the others at least once a day. We’ve gotten so close I can’t imagine what the next season will be like.


Me: Have you been watching Big Rich Atlanta?
Bonnie: You know I missed it but I do have it on my DVR cause I’m going to watch it so I can talk to people about it.  I need to have my favorites! Especially before the big fight. So I know who to root for.


Me:Do you do your own social media?
Bonnie: Yes.
Me: What is your favorite social media site?
Bonnie: Whosay! I got inducted into the Who Say world and it is the easiest thing. I can post/broadcast something and goes everywhere.
(We then got into an in depth conversation about the social media world.)


Me: I have a few questions from my followers on Twitter for you:


 ‏@LoadedLandShark asks: @kdevito Ask @bonblossman if she’ll hang out w/us here at Stable Tipsy Beach of NC this summer! Perfect balance of smart feminine, she is!

Bonnie:  I can try. I will try I have no idea what I’m doing this summer. North Carolina sounds fun. Well that’s why I’m thinking about it. We’ve actually been talking about going to NC. Jason and I will be doing a nationwide book tour but it won’t be until after football season. Let’s make that a possible. Maybe next winter.


 ‏@Soncie22 asks: @kdevito @bonblossman @BigRichTexas My ??for Bon: Why did you decide 2 do a reality show? Has this changed ur family in any way? if so, how?

 Bonnie: I did a reality show because it basically fell in my lap. I wanted to be on Big Brother. I had just graduated with my doctorate and my friend and I wanted to do something crazy. It was the competition that drew me to it not necessarily TV. The same casting agent new me and she contacted me for this. Whitney was pretty adamant. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. You only live once. Why not? It made our family get closer because we spend more time together.


Make sure you check out Bonnie on “Big Rich Texas” on the Style Network and check out her website to see what she’s up to.


So just for fun I wanted to include a YouTube video of Live’s “Pain Lies on the Riverside”. The bass line rocks. Check it out!